Educational Work

As a playbus we are a part of the "Offene Kinder- und Jugendarbeit". Our Play actions are voluntarily for children between the age of 6 and 14.

What belongs to the work of MOBILE?

Daily Work

1-2 Full-time Employees and 1-2 Freelancer drive with our big cars every day to refugee camps. The children who live there are invited to do small trips with us. For example to playgrounds, swimming pool or to open Houses for youth. Sometimes we take big play equipment with us like inflatable jumper or swings and play with the children in their camp.

Daytrips and Holiday journeys

During the holidays we are doing Daytrips with the children. For example to the baltic sea or a zoo. Sometimes we invite the children to do a journey with us. Last year we went to Grömitz and to a Ponyfarm for more then 3 nights and slept in tents.

Events and Projects

Every year the MOBILE Spielaktion together with the two other Playbus Organizations in Hamburg organize the "Spielmobilkarawane" which is a big Event for children. The Spielmobilkarawane is five days at five different places in Hamburg. Except from that we are a part of the Boysday and Girlsday which are also held once a year. Some refugee camps have a summer party where we join with our equipment so that families and children can have a good time. You can see current events on our website.

Play Equipment Rental

For Play Activities and private Parties you can rent our equipment. Here you can find our Equipment and the prices.

What we want to reach with our work:

- Make effective contributions to the personal development and integration of children into their new social and cultural living conditions

- Create contact between children who live in refugee camps and children from local districts

- Opening up new experience, learning and leisure areas

- Promote the development of social, cognitive and motor skills through play, handicrafts and leisure activities

- Cooperation with neighbourhood institutions such as youth houses, playhouses, construction playgrounds, etc..

Principles of our work:

Participation - Is very important to us. The children and young people can contribute their own ideas for games, crafts and excursions.

Transparency - rules, prohibitions and the framework in which the children and we (may) make decisions are created and discussed together with the children.

Respect - All children and young people regardless of their religion, gender, migrant origin, disabilities or precarious residence status are welcome. At MOBILE, verbal and physical violence is not tolerated.

Flexibility - As a playbus, we can respond flexibly to the daily challenges and wishes of the children.

"Parteilich" - We are committed to the needs and rights of children and young people.

Reliability - Every day per week we drive to the same refugee camps (on mondays here, on tuesdays there,...) so that the children know when we come.