About us

The association was founded in Hamburg in 1979 under the name "Hilfe für alkoholgefährdete Kinder und Jugendliche e.V." ("Help for Children and Adolescents at Risk of Alcohol") and - based on the Swedish model - has launched the addiction prevention project "Lass 1000 Steine rollen" at five locations in Hamburg. In 2001 the name was changed to "Trockendock e.V." Meanwhile the association is active in four different districts working in the area of Child and Youth Welfare and Health Care for young people in difficult life situations.

The headquarter in Barmbek Süd is a Hamburg-wide contact point for children, young people, young adults and parents and offers counseling, technical-, musical-, cultural-, girl-specific and social education guidance, as well as an event center based on a participatory approach. Additionally it comprises the consulting center “Kompaß[PM1] ” for children and parents from households with addiction problems. Aside from that, the facilities are a safe space for visitors, who can use the wide range of offers on a voluntary basis.

More than forty nationalities can rely on a space free of violence, discrimination and addictive substances, as well as the right to self-development and participation. These premises apply equally to the supra-district Mobile Spielaktion offer and to the district branch offices 1000 Steine Bergedorf, 1000 Steine Kirchdorf Süd, 1000 Steine Wandsbek, 1000 Steine Mümmelmannsberg, the girls' club and the women's room Mümmelmannsberg.

Trockendock e.V. is a member of the Diakonisches Werk Hamburg.