MEDIA ROOM – a place to try things out, to work and to be creative

From now on, visitors can use the "media room" – equipped with several PC workstations and tablets as well as our media educator Christina, who can be approached directly on site.
Here, children, teens and young adults can drop by, work on projects together or alone, do homework, play digital games, get to know and try out digital tools and programs, and of course also ask questions about media related topics and get information or help if, for example, a difficult situation occurred while chatting online or using TikTok etc. Christina is happy to offer support and advice.
You are also welcome to bring your own ideas

One goal of the implementation of the Media Room and the related open quotations, as well as the activities and workshops planned for the future, is to encourage children and young people to reflect on their own media usage behavior, to educate them about digital media – especially social media – and to promote responsible and safe use of digital media overall.
On the other hand, the Media Room is also intended to be a place for realizing creative ideas. Here, the connection with the musical activities of the Trockendock lends itself. For example, visitors can use the room to produce and edit their own music videos using the equipment available. This can be done independently as part of the open quotation, or with guidance during a workshop.

(Image by WebTechExperts/Joseph Mucira on pixabay)